Inviting Friends Extends our Family

Inviting friends to church not only grows our church family, it grows the Kingdom! Look through our pre-written Facebook post for you to post on your own page and create a lasting impact on your Social community. Looking for something more one on one check out our direct messages! Need a reminder to invite your friends? Text "Invite" to (647) 560-0905 to receive occasional reminders to be on the look out for someone to invite! Don't forget to check in on Facebook when you get to church, this will help encourage others to come! Friends can't make it? No worries, we stream live! Copy our link and share it with your world.

Who wants to check out my church this Sunday? I can pick you up and the coffee is on me! Message me if your interested.
Feeling down? Work got you feeling overwhelmed?
Need to reconnect? Come to church with me this Sunday! Message me for details.
Who wants to hang? I have a spare ride to church this Sunday and am thinking about going out for lunch after. Anyone interested? Message me
Hey _____, any chance you want to come check out my church with me this Sunday? I always stop for coffee on the way I’ll grab you some too!
Hey _____, come to church with me this Sunday! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it and afterwards we can hang out.
Hey _____, why not come to church with me this Sunday? I think you’d really enjoy it.